Portrait of Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate Agent


Chicago Portrait Photography

A client needed a horizontal portrait for an ad she is taking out in Chicago Magazine. We used the lobby at her office at Berkshire Hathaway downtown on Michigan Avenue. The lobby/reception area is absolutely beautiful and was the perfect location for this portrait. Rose was an absolute delight to work with and her photo turned out wonderfully!

Documentary portraiture is for professionals and creatives who have a story that deserves to be told, or a process full of labors of love. These photographs will capture the essence of your brand to communicate the value of your services and products for showcasing on your website and marketing materials. Don’t settle for selfies – let’s get some pictures made to show the world your truest you, what your heart (or business) beats for, and how you do your good honest work. Branding imagery captures the essence of your brand, helping clients trust that you can meet their needs and serve them well. Tina has been working with Fortune 500 clients for over ten years to capture the best corporate portrait to elevate their business.