Environmental Portrait of a Chicago Physician


Professional portraiture of a doctor

Board-certified in Internal Medicine, Dr. Selma is a leading expert in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and is the author of the book Hormones Explained. Dr. Selma needed some portrait photography to give her brand a modern update. She needed some portraits and headshots for her website and printed marketing materials to promote her practice.

Dr. Selma’s unique approach to BHRT helps men and women overcome the many symptoms of hormonal imbalance so they can be healthier, look younger, and feel better. Her clinic, the Anti-Aging Medical Group, serves the Chicago area and provides telemedicine across the country.

We did some photos at different locations throughout her office. My favorite location was her spacious and well decorated lobby area. It had very warm and welcoming colors which looked really great for her branding. This location is a perfect showcase for telling the story of this doctor and her practice. You see a comfy couch, some flowers, and a plant in the background which looks very inviting to potential customers. I matched the warm, cozy feeling of this environment by using a very soft, broad light source on her face and mixed that with available light on the background. 

Need professional portraits or headshots? I am available for location shoots at your office or anywhere that tells your story. I can creatively location scout your office or practice to best showcase your business. I have been photographing doctors and other health care clients for over ten years. Some of my clients include Thorek Memorial Hospital, Gilleon Health, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I work with both private and corporate clients. Resist the urge to use stock photography for your website and instead customize photography that showcases your office, staff, nurses, and doctors. Let’s collaborate!  Get your free quote now.