6 Ways to Prepare for Your Corporate Headshot Session

Nervous about getting your professional headshot taken? Don’t be! I have photographed a wide variety of clients from executives at Fortune 100 companies all the way to small local business owners.  The overwhelming majority of my photo subjects are first-timers, so worry not because I guide you during the shoot to help you through the entire process (posing, smiling, etc).

A Word About Photoshop

Your photo will look much more natural/realistic with a quick visit to a mirror to fix makeup, hair, and clothing issues before the shoot instead of relying on expensive and time-consuming photoshop fixes. I use a very light hand for retouching, which includes removal of facial shine, removing stray hairs, and whitening of teeth and eyes. Photoshop fees vary, so be sure to ask before the shoot for details.

Wardrobe Colors

Layering works very well. Bottom layers include shirts or dresses. Top layers can be jackets or sweaters. For your top or main layer, wear a solid dark color such as dark blue, dark red, dark purple, or dark grey. Avoid wearing black. Avoid patterns for your top or main layer. For your bottom layer, do a solid color or a something with a simple pattern. Avoid white shirts.

Wardrobe Fit And Jewelry

With earrings, diamonds can cause glare. Studs work better than dangling earrings or hoops. Keep necklaces thin and simple. Avoid clothing that is too tight or too big, as this will be greatly exaggerated in your photos. Freshly press your clothing, as lots of wrinkles are not possible to take out in photoshop.


Glasses will most likely reflect the professional lighting that is used during the photo. I would advise that you speak to your local optician and politely request to borrow a pair of similar frames for the day or if they can pop out the lenses in your own glasses for a day. If that’s not an option, we can try some angles to help with the reflection.


Professional hair styling is recommended. I have referrals for hair/makeup artists that can be present during our shoot. At the bare minimum, please visit a restroom or mirror before your headshot to tidy up your hair before your shoot. Any hair retouching must be sent out to a professional retouch artist for additional fees. Five minutes in front of a mirror before your session can circumvent tons of hair problems that area very costly and time-consuming to retouch.


Professional photo lighting washes out your face and adds shine. Professional makeup is recommended for both men and woman to counter these issues. I have referrals for hair/makeup artists that can be present during our shoot.

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The Headshot Process

The vast majority of my corporate headshot and portrait subjects are first-timers, so rest assured that I will guide you thoroughly along the way to

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