Staff Headshots at a Chicago Law Firm


Chicago corporate headshots downtown in the Loop

The marketing department of the law firm Global Immigration Associates contacted me for some professional photos of their attorneys for their website. For consistency of branding, we did a grey backdrop for the entire staff. They loved them and I have returned numerous times over the years to photograph all of their new hires. 

These photos are lit with a very large umbrellas for the key light and the fill light in order to provide a nice, soft, flattering light. I keep a diagram of my set-up in my notes in order for a consistent look each time I return to their office for a shoot.

Your website designer or marketer may have an idea about why they prefer certain types of backgrounds but it is rarely because they are concerned about how good you look. Fortunately, that is pretty much all I care about. While the white background has a clean, contemporary look, darker backgrounds can look better with certain skin tones or clothes. It can make thin hair look better. I love photographing headshots with my clients wearing grey on a grey background.  The simplification draws the viewer’s focus to the subject’s face and eyes.

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